another gorgeous day – lockdown 2 day 55

Lainee has been a little put out lately. I mean, not only has she been forced to share her home with an uppity kitten who thinks her tail is something to be batted at or her curly coat a nice rug to sleep on, but she’s had to share the spotlight with him too! She demands equal blog time. So here she is, at mom’s place in a very ‘greek’ setting of crochet mats and throws covering every surface.

We had a lovely walk to the beach again today, no kittens present, so she’s feeling pretty good about herself. She also had some of my pasta with pesto for dinner and she’s pretty happy about that too. (Don’t tell her, but Eric had some too.)

I’ve been working on stuff as usual. This afternoon while some things were drying I decided to cut up some seaweed I’d collected. I think I’ll need a ton more. Maybe I’ll just go sit on the beach and cut it up there rather than carrying it home to cut. Tedious work… maybe it’ll be more pleasant on the beach in the sun…

So, I finished 2 more dog figures today( photos to come) and worked on the fish. I began another dog and progressed 2 more. There’s definitely a build-up of dogs here right now.

I needed extra shelf space for them to live on, so I finally put my clock on the wall above the storage cubbies. Now I don’t have to try to see the time between dogs. I have to get out the drill and put the fish which were hanging in that spot on the other wall above the coat rack.

No rush. It’ll be done when the urge to hold a drill gets too much to resist.

I had approximately 2 teaspoons of sugar this morning in the guise of the slice of panettone I had for breakfast (? its not as sweet as cake)…. but I was good the rest of the day. Lunch was roast eggplant with potatoes and cabbage and carrot salad (thanks mom) and dinner was pasta with pesto. Not home made and I didn’t read the label for sugar content but I’m going to go with ‘there was no sugar in it’ and I’m okay with that. After all, I actually cooked something to eat so I wouldn’t resort junk.

Now I just have to get through the evening without succumbing to temptation. Cause I can resist anything but temptation. The only way to do that is to keep busy. Mainly keep my hands busy. Seems my hands and my mouth are connected: busy hands means I forget I have a mouth. Idle hands mean busy mouth.

I better go see what I can work on while watching series 3 of Fargo on Netflix.


4 thoughts on “another gorgeous day – lockdown 2 day 55

  1. Lainee does look so pretty! Cats: they are funny creatures for sure. We have three indoor cats and five indoor dogs! I know, it’s a lot!

    Our dogs (except the blind one, Nina, will eat anything we give them and love Italian and ant vegetable roasted with olive oil. Last night they had a few bites of raw cabbage. We didn’t have any left of the roasted head.

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    • Well Eric turned his nose up at pasta with pesto without parmesan, but Lainee didn’t. LOL
      This week I’ll have to buy more vegies and chicken to cook up a huge pot for them to share. Eric loves Lainee’s food.


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