minor slip ups – lockdown 2 day 58

Well that was another busy, yet unproductive, day. And when I say unproductive, I mean in a creative way. I took Selina (the stray kitten) to the vet for a checkup. Thankfully she’s much better, she’s even put on weight. We gave her an antibiotic for the respiratory thing she has and I need to keep an eye on her as sometimes the vaccine can have an adverse effect apparently. In a month, all going well, we can spay her. Then that’s no longer a worry. I got flea stuff for her and Eric while I was there. He’s old enough for spot-on stuff now.

Next the supermarket. Which meant two supermarkets as the first didn’t have everything on my list. And of courseI forgot to put a few things on my list so I have to go back tomorrow. sigh.

Spent time hunting down the right kind of paint for a project. Couldn’t find exactly what I wanted but think I found something that will work. We are so lucky on Paros where shops are officially closed but you can at least go to the door and chat to the people inside about what you might use. Athens is in full lockdown. Nothing is open.

Spent time talking with friends and cousins (great) and the solicitor (good) and the tenant (horrible). That last was enough to ruin my day completely.

By the time I was through with all that I was pretty much not in the mood to do any work. Fixing up Eric’s playhouse is the extent of work I did.

I always beat myself up about being non productive when I dont do something creative. I mean, its not like I have a deadline or a paying job right? Its because I expect more of myself. I have lists, both written and mental, of the things I’d like to accomplish today/tomorrow/this week/this lifetime and I get disappointed with myself when I don’t stick to them. Currently I have 4 dog figures and one fish more than halfway done. I have another 3 things I need to photograph. I have the dresser makeover I want to get on with (had a brainwave on that one last night when I couldn’t sleep) and 7 pieces of furniture to paint for my cousins. I also think I found a way to create an easy photobooth for taking photos, but in order to set it up I have to go through my suitcases of fabric..

This is the story of my life. So much to do, so little time … and I’m easily distracted by people and rusty things.

As I say, I do better with a deadline cause then I have to get something done and I will work till its delivered on time. Many a late night has been spent in the past working on things that needed delivering now. These vague ‘whenever you get to it’ deadlines or ‘by Easter’ don’t work well for me.

As for giving up sugar, I had a couple of slip ups. One of my aunts gave me melomakarona, and hers are the best in the world. How could I not eat some of them? I still have 4… ugh. I can’t bring myself to throw them out. Then, while throwing out sweets I had in the house, I ate something else I found. Mind you, it was a pie and I had to bake it in order to eat it… so minus points scored there. At least I threw out half of it…

So back to it tomorrow. At least my mindset is ok: I go into the supermarket or a cafe and, even if i look at the sweets, I don’t find myself wanting them. Point scored for that.


2 thoughts on “minor slip ups – lockdown 2 day 58

  1. I was unproductive last night. I don’t have any challenges due, but I will have to work on them tonight because there are a few with a deadline of tomorrow. Our days seem to be filled with errands and medical visits. Katie has her physical therapy for her hip, and I have some of my own issues. Lots of that going on.School started for Katie, too, so she’s kind of busy with that. She’s working from home and her classes are online. She needed more of a break. She’s moving quite nicely, but physical therapy is kicking her butt, so we’ll pick up a cane for her tomorrow.

    I know it’s difficult not having a deadline to complete your projects. Deadlines work for me, but I can pick and choose the challenges I want to do, also. Sometimes, they don’t speak to me. Other times, I run out of time to do everything I want to do. Luckily, some projects combine challenges, so two birds/one stone.

    I’m still seeking out sweets. I don’t think I’ll ever stop!

    I’m glad you are caring for the kitties that live near you. Spaying and neutering are the responsible thing to do. When Katie had seated classes, she told her students that if they can’t afford to spay or neuter, she would pay half of the cost. I think about 3 students have taker her up on her offer so far. I’m glad we are helping to cut down on the cat and dog populations. If we don’t do it, who will?

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  2. You sure sound busy. Getting old sucks, with all the health issues that go with it. I look at my mom who has to plan her day around her meds… this one 30min before eating, that one in the middle of the day etc. I’d hate having to think ahead to when I want to eat! Mind you, it might make me rethink some food choices…

    Terrific on what you and Katie are doing about responsible pet ownership. Its a big issue in Greece as so many think its ‘unnatural’ to neuter animals. They’d rather toss unwanted animals in the rubbish or let them live and die on the roads. Cause that’s way more ‘natural’…. (assholes).

    If I can stick to a schedule of working on workshop type stuff during the good weather days, then working on my own arty stuff at night I will be fine. Not sleeping is kicking my butt at the moment. I worked till 11.30 last night and went to bed but couldn’t sleep till after 1.30. grrr.


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