exercising with a cat – lockdown 2 day 59

Exercising with a cat is possible, in fact it increases the intensity level of some of the exercises. Just remember to move slowly and with control when reaching down to scoop a cat out of the way in the middle of a stretch, to pluck him off your legs when doing squats, and to not jump up suddenly when you return a body part to the groud and hear a yowling sound from beneath it.

I’ve tried putting him outside for the duration of exerise (or breakfast which is like ‘sip coffee, put cat on floor, bite of toast, put cat on floor, repeat’) but the racket he makes interferes with keeping a clear mind.

I left him outside for most of the day today. Not intentionally. Well, sort of intentionally. I was getting ready to go out and he slipped out the door and evaded being caught like a egg white in an egg separator.

So, I drove off and left him outside. After all, he goes out for short periods all the time… and he needs to learn to be out for longer periods… and the weather was fine. So I left.

When I got home I remembered I’d left him outside and had been gone for hours. Yikes. He was nowhere to be seen so I had to go looking for him, calling his name and picturing a squashed kitten on the main road below us. Thankfully he was up the top of the hill where we walk daily and came running at the sound of my voice. He was so worn out that he cuddled and slept like a baby for the rest of the day.

(Note to self: put Eric outside most of the day every day…)

My day was derailed yesterday but I did achieve something. I didn’t realise it was a public holiday so even the ‘partly opened’ shops were closed. Even supermarkets. I did find a few things I wanted in a deli however. And I did go see my aunts to drop off and pick up stuff for mom (naturally).

Then I went to my uncle’s garage to find him and his pet Albanian working in there so I left. I went down to my aunts place and worked out a deal. I’ll use the tiny unit I lived in for a couple of months when I arrived on Paros 2 years ago, with its outdoor area, to work. The unit is undergoing renovation so its not all pretty and precious right now. The outdoor area is not waterproof but I can store my stuff inside, paint furniture inside and work outside when the weather is good. There is an outdoor table I can use as a work table and a built in bench I can put my drop saw on. Yipee. I’ve got a place to work! FOr a while at least.

In return I’m also painting a few things for my aunt. Good swap.

I’ve taken the tools I had at my uncle’s down to the unit and need to begin sorting and collecting stuff from around the house that I’ll need in order to set up a proper work space down there.

I’m so excited!


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