good friends – lockdown 2 day 60

Today was a milestone. Two months of lockdown, with things getting tighter instead of loosening up from what I gather (since I don’t watch the news).

So today was different. Instead of working at home on my own, running errands or even going to my new work space, I had a friend come over here and we created, ate, created some more, talked, listened to favourite songs on YouTube and had a wonderful time.

Not my cheese and fruit board, but mine was almost as good!

She brought a lasagne, I contributed salad and made a cheese and fruit board for dessert. We worked on dog sculptures and I began another couple of greek goddess figures.

Its wonderful working with company. I love being able to chat and bounce thoughts off others in a creative space. Its been my dream to have a space where I can have groups of like minded people gather to create together.

In Tasmania one of the wool shops I visited from time to time for supplies used to have a group every Tuesday morning. The women would sit at a large table with their own projects and work, chat and drink tea. Of course I was always working so couldn’t join but I wanted to!

While in Melbourne a couple of years ago, I went to a quilting gathering where everyone brought what they were working on and there was tea and coffee and cake etc. While I’m not a quilter, I do hand stitch the odd crazy piece so it was fun.

Such communal gatherings are great as they bring people together, networking and socializing and more than anything sharing tips and expertise and knowledge. I long to have a space where I can organise something like that.

Then there’s the dream of group projects. Larger projects needing more than one person to work on them – recycling and art from trash projects, meant for public display…

Ah. Its good to have dreams.

Build it and they will come he said…


4 thoughts on “good friends – lockdown 2 day 60

  1. Katie took a quilt class one time, and they enjoyed each other’s company so much that they decided to make it an every Friday occurrence. After awhile, they came up with a name for the group – QWACs, or Quilting Women Acting Crazy. This quilt store is about 3 hours away from us now, and we go at least once a year around Christmastime where we all bring something to eat and someone gets pizza. Of course, we didn’t get together this year due to the pandemic. {Insert pouty face here}. We miss them terribly. It was the same kind of group that you were talking about: everyone works on their own thing, or sometimes we would have a mini class about something that everyone can join in on…or not.

    It was nice for you to have a friend over, eat and art. I know you must treasure it.

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