more of the same – lockdown 2 day 67

It was raining this morning and my windshield wipers decided to kick the bucket. They curled up and died. They were deceased. Shuffled off their mortal coil. They ran down the curtain and joined the bloody choir invisible. If they weren’t attached to the car they’d be pushing up daisies!

So, I took my car to the local car fixer upper and left it there, walked to my aunt’s and worked till they called pretty much. The mechanism that ran the wipers had seized up and needed an overhaul.

The painting progresses, but like everything it takes time. I also need some very small screws to attach the doors to the cat house, more paint will be needed soon and who knows what else, so another trip to the hardware store is needed.

My cousin put it best when he told me this story:

He went to the hardware store one day and said to the cute owner “I had my fortune told and apparently a blonde woman was going to spend all my money. I thought she was talking about my wife, but it turns out its you!”

Yep. I think I had the same fortune.


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