gee time flies – lockdown 2 day 68

Day 67 of a second lockdown. Its become the new reality, I no longer feel its any different. I mean we went through the first strict lockdown, then things opened up with restrictions, there were places to go but it was summer and there was work and the beach which was more important to me than going out. Then back to lockdown. So what’s different? We can’t go out to eat. We can’t meet friends for a drink or coffee. We can’t shop for clothes or shoes… but for me life isn’t that different. I can still shop at the hardware store so I’m happy. I plug along, doing my art, watching Netflix, spending time with mom and family, playing with Lainee and Eric, painting furniture…

I am so glad to be on Paros for this! I’d have been ok in Tasmania too, on the farm with my dogs and horses and geese and ducks and workshop and office and studio. But if I had to be in Greece, I’m SO glad I’m not in Athens for this. I’d have gone crazy.

They’re talking of stores opening on the 18th, with an appointment system: you call and make an appointment to go in and get what you want. Stops crowding in stores apparently. Lines outside are ok. Schools have reopened. Nothing makes sense.

Dog figures are progressing. Started two nudes as well. I’m keen to work on them more tomorrow. No photographs as yet. Mainly cause when the weather was nice I never set up my outdoor ‘lightbox’. And then the weather went to hell.

Eh. It’ll happen. Just be patient.

Till then I guess I have to post more words since there are no photos. Bummer.


2 thoughts on “gee time flies – lockdown 2 day 68

  1. I keep wondering who it is that is dying. There are lots of deaths. Are they people who refuse to wear a mask? Are they people whose relatives bring it unknowingly into their homes? Are they people who take all necessary precautions yet still get sick and die? The statistics aren’t good here in the USA. Mom was one of those statistics. Someone brought it into her memory care facility…most likely an aide. Really! Who are these people who are dying? I really want to know that!


    • I don’t know. But if people don’t take precautions, don’t adhere to lockdown and restrictions, if they persist in crowding together on beaches, in marches and parties… what do you expect? And its not only the elderly or unwell who are dying. Its also young and healthy people who die. As much as this virus doesn’t have a huge death rate like the plague did where most people who got it died, its still a virus and it spreads faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. With that kind of spread there are bound to be deaths.

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