a few more of my favourite things – lockdown 2 day 147

Today I’m sharing some of my favourite movies. This is a tough one cause there are so many favourites!!! I love movies but there are some that have a special place in my heart. Where do I start? Where do end? So many films.

But here are some I always remember, some I own, some I only watched once and never forgot, but all favourites.

Let’s start with some Australian films. Disclaimer: I love Australian movies. And English ones. And American ones. And French. And Swedish… you get the picture.

The Year My Voice Broke. This reminds me of growing up in a small town in Australia. The first years of my life I lived first in Tocumwall and then in Griffith, NSW. There’s just something about small towns and the open spaces around them that just gets to me.

Another one that gets to me is The Dish. The Aussie humour, the sheep, the countryside. If you haven’t seen it watch it.

Another film I love. I think its the irony of it, a blind man who takes photos – cause he needs proof that what people tell him is around him is true.

The Big Blue – a fantastic film about relationships – between two men and the sea, between a man and a woman, between a man and a dolphin, about competition and love… A beautiful film.

Chasing Amy. A spin off of Clerks where I first met Silent Bob and his foul-mouthed sidekick. A movie which speaks truths about expectations in relationships and lying to ourselves and others by omission.

Flowers for Algernon. To be honest, this should have been in books since I read it before I ever saw it. Either way, its a heartbreaking story about a man who had nothing, gained everything, then lost it all again. Below is a pic from the original movie.

Harold and Maude. Classic. Again, the irony of it was what got to me first, but its all about living life to the fullest. Its more than a romance between a young man and a much older woman. Its about living without regrets.

The first Swedish film I ever saw: My Life As A Dog. A young boy learning to understand the world.

Torch Song Trilogy. About being gay in the 70s, about a relationship between a man and his mother and his relationships with himself and other men. A great film and play.

A friend took me to see this film back in 2008 and I loved it absolutely. Its a Japanese film about a man who gets a job preparing the dead for burial in the ceremonial way. Its a beautiful film with emotion and humour and a haunting soundtrack. I bought both the DVD and the soundtrack.

And no list would be complete without The Party. Peter Sellers at his crazy best, the drunk waiter, birdie num nums and a whole lot of bubbles.

As I said, there are probably too many movies I love for one or other reason to list here. These are just the ones that came to my mind as I write this post. New films, like Avatar – a world we wish existed, in harmony with nature.

And old films like 12 Angry Men (also a great play).

If I don’t stop here, now, I’ll never stop. I have things to do!


4 thoughts on “a few more of my favourite things – lockdown 2 day 147

  1. Hi Zefi πŸ˜‰ I love your selection! You are only the third person I know of who loves My life as a dog. The second one is the person I saw it with. I’ve tried to find it on Netflix and on DVD in op shops, to no avail 😦 I also loved Proof, and The Party – a Peter Sellars classic. Thanks for your favourites πŸ˜‰


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