time flies – lockdown 2 day 148

Ramos and Annie resting.

I’m always busy but never seem to get everything done. Of course part of that is that I have a lot of lazy time – which I excuse as resting/taking care of me time. But in reality its square eyes TV watching time which I could very well use to create but I don’t.

Wow. That paragraph was smooth!

I’ve caught up with friends and their dogs a couple of times. That was fun.

I’ve been to the bank 3 times. Not so much fun.

Seriously. How many visits to a bank does it take to change a recurring payment from my aunt’s account to the nursing home?

Three apparently.

So far. Let’s see if today’s fix has taken…

Sheesh. I might have to go back to old style banking (the mattress).

Anyway… I mentioned a little cabinet I bought locally to fit in the tiny alcove/hallway between the living room and bathroom. I had planned to make a custom sized cabinet for there to hold my towels, but this is the right size and its so much easier to fix an existing cabinet than make one from scratch (when you want to make it from pallet wood and need to collect and break down pallets and don’t have a proper space to work yada yada).

This little guy had glass on one side and the front. I removed the glass on the second side and plan to put flywire there to let the towels breathe. In keeping with the traditional old piece I’ll put a cut lace curtain inside the glass front to hide the towels.

Here it is in the alcove… just enough space for my easel beside it. Perfect.

And guess what?

I’ve done exactly nothing to it since I got it (well, other than removing one glass panel). Its been way too windy to work outside – which is where I have to sand it. I can paint it in the living room. It IS my studio after all.

I still need to buy the flywire and trim to finish it off. So I have a fair amount of work to on it before its usable. Guess I better start at some point…

I also have the other cabinet I bought online which needs 4 new doors and 2 new drawers as well sanding and painting.

I have my work cut out for me.

Stay tune for updates… when I get to them.


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