syros & lainee – lockdown 2 day 162

We’re back on Syros again. This time with Zefi for company and its Lainee who’s going to hospital.

Soon as we got to the hotel Lainee made herself comfortable on Zefi’s bed. So much for mom and all the love and care she gets!

Then again, maybe there’s method to her treacherous little ways… after all, its not me who has to sleep with my knees under my chin on half a bed…

If you think a small poodle doesn’t take up a lot of room, just ask Zefi!

First thing we did was walk around town. I love the quiet streets and the old mansions in this non-tourist season. It really is a beautiful town. I’d like to see it in summer, cafes and restaurants open, to see some of the small streets come alive, despite tourists.

Zefi in her usual theatrical pose outside city hall. No cafes to sit at so everyone buys take away coffee and food and sits outside.

No photo collection of mine would be complete without a photo of an old door…

Or an interestingly framed photo. I’m never all about happy snaps.

Then back to the room for a rest and dressing change for Lainee. I love this photo. It really is like changing a baby, pulling on her onesie… and so much less disgusting than changing pooey nappies.

Lainee is so good, I flip her onto her back and she just lays there quietly till I’m done. I’ve even walked off to get something and told her to stay and she remains where I left her. She’s an angel. I can’t resist giving her tons of kisses.

She made a few new friends and left lots of ‘in your face Syrian dogs’ pees around town. She was a hit with people too with her onesie and little bands.

Pizza for dinner then some more napping for Lainee – always on Zefi’s side of the bed! Good girl Lainee.

I’m going to call these my Exploring Syros Series, kind of part of the lockdown series but separate as well.


3 thoughts on “syros & lainee – lockdown 2 day 162

  1. It all looks lovely. And Lainee is gorgeous.
    Aren’t they so clever at working out what you want them to do. And doing it, just to please you.❤️🐾


  2. Lainee looks cute in her onesie. We just got back from 3 1/2 weeks of camping in our camper in Arizona. Kaylee our doxie can’t walk very long so we bought a canvas wagon so we could take her with us on walks on trails. Paisley and Daisy Mae got their exercise along with my husband and me.
    Lots of people walking would stop and comment about her riding so we explained that she is blind and deaf and old. This let her be with us and not left at home. We really enjoyed it.


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