asteria & vaporia – exploring syros 2

This morning after dropping Lainee at the vet, Zefi and I did some more sight seeing. We walked around the Asteria and Vaporia areas of Ermouplis. It is the perfect day to sight-see, not too hot, not cold, not too windy.

Tons of beautiful buildings and picturesque streets. Syros is so different to most of the Cyclades because of its neoclassical and Venetian style.

Lots of narrow streets but I think we found the narrowest…

Good for that drunk walk home – staggering from one wall to another, no room to fall. Although, if you did fall, it might be a challenge getting up again…

Lots of pretty cats.

And a cat feeding station. I saw quite a few of them around town..

Plus more requisite window and door pics.

I just love these crumbling old buildings… though I really wish I had the money to buy and restore one or five.

Different shutters here too. These one hinge in the middle so you can open only part. Pretty handy.

Tons more to come in the explore Syros series.


2 thoughts on “asteria & vaporia – exploring syros 2

  1. Wow! Yes. There are many that look like some of the buildings in Florence and Venice. And the louvred shutters that have the lower half moved outwards are just like the ones in Italy.

    It’s sad to see the buildings that are crumbling. It would be lovely to see them in their former glory.

    Thanks for the tour. I’d love to go there one day.


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