torture of 1000 steps – exploring syros 6

Yesterday afternoon we decided to visit the catholic church of St George up in Ano Syros (the old settlement) and people told us we should take a taxi up cause it was far and hard…

We scoffed and said ‘we ain’t afraid of no steps!’ and set off with Google maps showing us the way.

We started up the steps…

Gentle steps…

And saw the church up on the hill on a rare flat bit of road just before Ano Syros.

Then began the steeper steps.

Brutal steps.

Even steps to nowhere.

The views got better the higher we got.

Still more steps.

I conquered the steps.

Zefi wasn’t quite as polite…

But we made it and lived to tell the tale.


3 thoughts on “torture of 1000 steps – exploring syros 6

  1. The *rude* gesture changed places! What’s going on here?!! lol There’s no way I could make it all the way with my tender knees. Of course, I probably won’t travel until my knees are fixed! lol I’m glad you made it!


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