st george – exploring syros 7

Soon as we got to the church of St George, guess what we found? You got it! MORE STEPS!

The inside of the church was gorgeous though. Beautiful artwork and colours.

Something you don’t see in greek orthodox churches: statues.

Something else you never see in a greek church: an organ!

I knew the church was old but the plaque surprised me. The first bishop (not sure if that’s the right term…) in the church is listed as having served in 343!!!!!

Since we were there, Zefi took the opportunity to repent for the nasty gesture she made going up the steps… About time too!

We visited another church on the way home cause when in Greece there is always another church to visit. That one is famous for having an icon by El Greco in it. We never actually noticed the icon. We looked around, lit candles and left. I think we were churched out by then. I know I was. Am. For a long time to come!


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