footstool summer look

This is a small easy update to a very wintery looking footstool I bought this winter. This is what it looks like:

Nothing fancy, just warm and furry, goes well with the faux cowhide rugs I throw over the couch in winter.

But in summer I wanted something lighter, more in keeping with the summer look of lighter throws. So I dug out the old flour bags I’d collected in Tasmania. I was going to get a friend to make a quilt out of them but never got around to unstitching them to give her. Now I have a few very old and some not so old ones I’m not sure what to do with sitting in a suitcase under my bed.

I selected a not so old one (its in kilos) to make this cover.

I don’t have progress photos cause I always sew by the seat of my pants (ie sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t though I always make them work somehow)… but basically these are the steps:

  • I cut the bag open to separate front from back.
  • I laid the front fabric upside down and placed the stool on top (also upside down) and traced the shape.
  • I cut the circle allowing plenty of seam allowance.
  • I cut the back into a strip deep enough to cover the sides and go under a bit – the length wasnt enough so I used a piece from the front (with writing on it) to make it long enough.
  • I sewed the two pieces together to form a long ‘side’ piece.
  • I hemmed the side piece with a channel to fit elastic in it.
  • I slid the side piece onto the stool inside out and placed the top piece on inside out and pinned it all together.
  • I sewed it all together, trimmed edges and zig zagged them to stop fraying.
  • I threaded elastic through the channel and voila:
  • Fitted it onto the footstool!

I didn’t bother ironing it (cause I’m basically lazy and ironing would have meant cleaning the stove top of the sundry bits and pieces its collected, putting out my ‘ironing’ towel and getting the iron out from under the sink*), so its the edges aren’t all sitting in the right spot, but you get the picture.

*My iron is only out when I’m dedicated to sewing. Naturally.

Underneath you can see the elastic holding it in place.

One small project finished!

Meanwhile I’ve been busy doing stuff, painting on marble, grooming dogs, going swimming, napping in the middle of the day when the heat gets too much for me, making baskets, watching a lot of Netflix…

I finished Orphan Black (loved it), started iZombie (loving it)…

Hey, at least most of the time I work while watching Netflix, don’t get on my case!

Gotta go groom. Later!


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