finally, a cool breeze

We’ve had a heatwave here for the last week. Today a cool breeze has picked up and I feel like I can finally breathe again.

However, I don’t really like choppy seas, so today I’ll have to go searching for a beach that’s sheltered from the wind. Still, small price to pay!

The last few days I’ve had a couple of early morning swims so that I could cool down and then spend the rest of the day holed up at home with the air conditioning on. Poor Lainee… last night I’m sure she was panting in her sleep despite the fan going all night.

My ‘garden’ is still alive however. I water every evening cause I love flowers. This is currently my favourite corner. The red bougainvillea which seems to want to flower in winter, my white gaura and the gorgeous purple water hungry plant an aunt gave me. No idea what its called, but I love the vibrant purple flowers that only last one day.

There is another purple flowering plant in that corner, a burgundy and a pale pink daisy but they have yet to flower. No idea why. The seem healthy enough…

I planted sweet peas this year as well but none of them seem to be doing well. They grow but either end up looking motley or don’t flower at all. So no seeds for next year…

I have sunflowers though. Taller than me! My neighbour gave me some seeds and I have 3 very tall plants currently flowering. I’m not a fan of yellow flowers really but now and then its nice to have something different.

My weeds are doing well though. I’d put out a ton of seeds in various pots and had stuff come up that I couldn’t identify so I had to let them grow a while. Now I know they are weeds but can’t pull them all out without destroying my plants. A job for winter.

This weed however is one I planted myself. Don’t know what it is but it grows in gaps in the cobble stones in Parikia. I collected some cause I love the tiny blue flowers and have it growing at home now. What’s not to like about an easy to grow plant?

I’m currently caring for a neighbour’s hibiscus plant which is doing well despite me. Not something I’d chose myself, but it is pretty.

And the best thing ever….

Some of the aquilegia seeds I brought from Australia are FINALLY growing!

Ok, not a ton, considering I must have planted about 1000 seeds in the last 3 years, but SOMETHING. I am now praying to the gods of plants that these little guys make it, flower and produce seeds.

I don’t know if you remember, but I had a huge collection of aquilegia growing in Tasmania – all shades of purple, blue, white, pink, burgundy and red. And all variations of single, double, small and large, with spurs, without… I miss them… I want them… They are so delicate and just… just… gorgeous. (Here is a link to some pics).

Bonus: they self seed and spread. I had them coming up between cracks in the pavement, in odd corners, etc. Ditto the sweet peas. I miss that.


I guess I am missing the farm in Tasmania.

But I have sea breezes, the smell of the sea and the sound of cicadas to console me.


1 thought on “finally, a cool breeze

  1. I remember all of the plants you had in Tasmania…the tires you put on the slight incline of dirt. What a pretty sight when they were blooming! You have cicadas, too? Ours are buzzing, but we don’t seem to have very many at this point. Maybe there are more to come? We had some beautiful white gladiolas, and I just glanced out the window, and there is another stem coming to life with the beautiful blooms! Also, I love your tall sunflower! My mom loved sunflowers! All we get are some that are about 12″-18″ that seed from the birth feeder. They’re pretty enough, though. I hope you have cooler days. I pretty much stay inside with the air conditioning.

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