days in the sun

Lately I’ve just been so tired.

I think I’m in love with my bed… I don’t want to leave it. Well, I do leave it for the bigger TV in the living room and the couch, but I love my bed. And I love sleeping…

What’s wrong with me? Maybe I’m just tired after work, but that’s not a real excuse. Or maybe its the heat, though the last few days have been blissfully windy after days of sweltering nothingness. I spend the day with creative thoughts in my head – ‘when I get home I’ll do this and this and this…’ – eager to work, then I get home and plant myself in front of Netflix and do boneless cat immitations.

There are days I’m sure I will never blog again. It just seems so pointless when I’m tired or feel like I have nothing new to share or say. Times like those I toss up the whole social media presence, is it really necessary, who cares what I do anyway? What was I thinking offering to do a radio show online? Like I have so much time I need to fill!

Then there are days when I love sharing something I’ve just made or painted cause, frankly, I’m just a show off… If I look back at my life I think I did a lot of things cause I love to show off: rock’n’roll dance competitions (wow! you’re such a great dancer!), selling my stuff at markets (oooh, you’re so talented!) etc.

I’m impossible really.

Anyway, so what’s been going on? Well… the hand-held shower thingy in my bath broke. The tube sprung more leaks than a wicker canoe. Given its my only shower option, its a kinda necessary thing. So I bought a replacement tube. Didn’t have a wrench… (the one tool I didn’t have!). Bought one. Got home and promptly broke the old hose where it screwed into the tap… Been using a bucket to shower for the last 3 days. And the plumber never showed up today so its looking like another day or three before that issue is remedied…

But on Sunday I gave myself a break. Zefi, her family and I spent the day at the beach. My all time favourite beach which I hadn’t visited once this year so far. We put in a good solid 7 hours of hard beach time. It was great. Just like the old days.

Lainee came with us since the breeze was cool enough. Here she is waiting for our lunch to arrive…

And here she is after lunch was finished.

And while I’m on the subject of Lainee, here she is first thing in the morning.

If that face doesn’t make you wanna kiss it nothing will!

Anyway, I gotta go. Things to do since the plumber didn’t show.


7 thoughts on “days in the sun

  1. Spending time in bed is great for me, too! I hate getting out sometimes, but life goes on. What kind of work are you doing? Are you back at the ceramics (?) place? Am I remembering correctly? It’s nice you got to spend time at the beach with family and Lainee. My daughter, her husband and some of her children are here for a visit, and they are spending time at the beach. It’s a lazy kind of visit where they aren’t planning a whole lot and just taking things as they come. Well…It’s lunch time, then off to the thrift store…then they’re going to the rope obstacle course…then dinner….then the beach for them, us for home. Take care…


    • Sounds lovely. Right now, with my job (yes, at the ceramics place) and grooming dogs I’m really flat out. But it wont last. Right now I’m grooming mostly regular/repeat customers and some new ones. Once those are done it will get quiet for 2-3 months till they need doing again, and I’ll only be doing new customers so it would be hard to keep up this momentum. Still, thats the way to build a business. As for the ceramic painting, I have no idea how busy it will be this year. So far its been busy, lots of tourists etc… so perhaps I’ll get a full season of work doing that.


  2. I love my bed too! I bought it at the big Houston Reliant DOG SHOW! Yep. They sold most everything there! It’s like sleeping on a cloud and that’s been great since I live mostly in this one room all through the pandemic! My big TV is here, the bathroom is ten steps away and it’s my own!

    It’s a good thing I’m retired and can enjoy this bed along with my two dogs!

    Barbara Perrin


  3. I’m by no means a religious person but doesn’t it even say in the Bible that “there’s a time for every purpose under heaven” or at least it was the lyrics of an old Birds’ song. So this is your time to rest. You’re a very prolific person when you’re in the groove so, rest with passion and commitment. You produce art at work so don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s Summer so pretend you take little mini-vacations during the day. ❤️ The cold, rainy Winter will be here soon enough and give you lots of time to write and make art. I would focus on fixing your shower though… if you want your friends to sit next to you on a hot Summer day. 😁 🚿


    • LOL well the bucket is working. Between the plumber being busy and my schedule I don’t think we’re destined to meet until winter. I may have to see if I can do it myself. HA! That should be fun…


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