back home. for now.

In the cobblestone streets of Parikia. Be thankful its not giant underwear this time!

I got back from Athens a few days ago and will be going back again sometime next week. The house is finished (well, except for the power and natural gas). The contractor did his thing and called in a cleaning crew so when I get back I should have a new clean house that I can begin moving stuff into for mom.

Then we wait for power and heating…

Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas.

Meanwhile I’m still running into various greek labyrinths of getting things done, but I’m keeping a positive attitude. Most of the time…

Its great to be back home, even if its just for a little while. I’m catching up with friends and doing some stuff for my home etc. Not a great deal as I do sometimes get lazy, but I’m working on the fabric jewellery order for next summer, and I have a couple more things in mind to do before I go.

The weather has been alternately beautiful and sunny then windy and rainy. I don’t mind. Me and Lainee have our warm little home and eachother.

On the good news front, I now have two planters with columbines growing in them!! One was the last of the seeds I brought from Australia – I brought over tons and they never grew till this last lot. They’re doing well, fingers crossed. The second planter has seeds I bought online from England. They’re just babies still do fingers crossed on them too. All going well I’ll finally have columbines this summer!

More when I have something creative to share.


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