fabric jewellery

This is what I’ve been working on most lately. In case you were wondering. Little puffy pouches to hang around your neck on cords of waxed cotton or leather.

I make them using all kinds of fabric scraps (I have a whole suitcase full of small scraps I’ve been collecting for years) which are too small to make much else out of. Plus some recycled beads, gem stones, trinkets, buttons and old lace. Oh, and the occasional chandelier crystals.

Basically whatever I have on hand. And I have quite a lot on hand…

The cords are mostly new, of course. As is the odd bit needed to complete each piece.

They make great little gifts and I have someone interested in buying a lot of them for his shop next year!

I also plan* to set up an Instagram shop but have run into all kinds of trouble – I once tried to set up a Facebook shop and, despite trying to follow all FB and google instructions, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. Cause the links/buttons/whatever are never where they say they are for one thing! I’ve tried just about everything and I’m about to scream!

(*Plan: something we make to convince ourselves we have some control over things.)

Meanwhile I’ve been preparing my tiny home for going away for a month or so. I’m not leaving straight away as I have a couple of appointments which have delayed departure, but I will be going soon enough. I figured it was time to basically tidy up and pack away things I don’t need on display gathering dust.

You wouldn’t think a tiny place like mine would take so long to organise. But it does. I’m still at it.

Mind you, for me tidying and organising is an adventure in meandering distractions.

“I better start by packing away the objects on that shelf.”

“Oh look! I forgot about that xxx! I’ll find a box to put it in with others like it.”

Two hours later I get back to packing away objects on the shelf. Or not.

In that vein, I’ve bought and hung new (cheap) eyelet blockout curtains on the bedroom balcony door. Something I needed in summer… but at least it will keep the room warmer in winter as well.

I put fertilizer in my pot plants. Good thing. It rained for a couple of days straight. Constantly. Not like here at all. Normally we get a downpour which floods the place but only lasts a few minutes. This was good watering rain. I hope we get more, we sure need it on a dry island where the population explodes in summer.

I bought some cheap plastic tubs (like the kind you use to cart washing around) and put some of Lainee’s old cushions (I make new ones each winter using old pillow stuffing) in them and placed them in the only under cover area around my place so the the stray cats have somewhere dry to sleep.

I must remember to toss out the old cushions from the cat houses I have on my porch and put in new ones (ie, Lainee’s old ones – I have heaps of them).

I took out my measley Christmas decorations and put them out. Considering whether to put out the fairy lights. I normally hang them all over the bookcase. I wont be here for Christmas but I may as well enjoy the Christmas spirit while I’m here. I never do a Christmas tree, but I love fairy lights. I’ve already lit the outdoor ones.

I’ve made a key rack for mom’s new house. And finished another project I started a couple of months ago. I’ll share those soon.

I’m also thinking of rearranging a few things in the place. I mean, I have a gorgeous shelf which was given to me by a good friend and there really isn’t room to put it up. I want to make room for it!

So, as you can see… I keep busy.

I saw a Tshirt on Facebook which I really want. It says: “In my defense, I was left unsupervised”.

I must have it!

Just like the old one I have which says “I make things cause if I don’t I get sad”.

Anyway enough blabbing on for now. I have things to do, places to go, dogs to groom, electricians to oversee and meetings to attend.



2 thoughts on “fabric jewellery

  1. I love your jewelry pieces! I’m glad you’ll have a place to sell them soon.

    You said you’d be gone for a month. Are you going on an adventure? Visiting friends? Overseeing the Athens/mom’s apartment? Whatever you’ll be doing, I hope you enjoy it!

    I’m glad you take care of the stray cats. They have a rough life and need someone to care about them!


    • I’m only going to Athens at this time. To help mom and for Christmas. I had planned to go to Holland and Germany but with the COVID 19 situation I’ve decided to postpone the trip…


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