a little wall vase

I had this small shelf for a long time and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Then somewhere along the line I decided it was time to make another of my little wall vases. I used to make things like this in the past (click here to see one of them) but its been a long time since I’d made one.

This time I couldn’t find a metal strap clamp thingy big enough to hold the empty jar so I made my own holder out of an old belt.

I told you I have tons of things ‘on hand’…

First I traced the stencil onto the wood and tried to burn the pattern into it but that didn’t work. I don’t have a wood burning tool, and trust me, a soldering iron just doesn’t cut it.

Next I transferred the pattern using black paint but hated the look. Even after trying to distress it.

As a last resort I decided to just repaint the whole thing. I had the kitchen cabinet colour I’d mixed up for the pull out bottle drawer I’d made a while ago, so I just used that and some leftover grey paint. As a result it kind of blends in on the ‘living room’ side of the cabinet.

Recently I framed and put up these two beautiful photos I’ve had for years. They are the two most beautiful girls owned by a friend of mine in Tasmania – both are long gone now but I remember them every time I look at the photos: Paris and Polly.

The most amazing thing about the photos is the incongruity of it: two standard poodles on a flatbed ute* outside a country pub in a small town in Tasmania. Not a sight you see every day!

*Flatbed ute: a truck with a tray in back, usually holding a kelpie or blue heeler.

Since I had the camera out I couldn’t resist taking a photo of one of my favourite spots in the kitchen – the shelf just over the sink with my collection of old crockery and the cute little bird salt and pepper shakers I’ve had for years. Some may remember them from my easter sideboard a few years ago.

Its nice to take a walk down memory lane… It all seems so long ago now!


1 thought on “a little wall vase

  1. I like your wall vase. It’s much better than looking at a blank cabinet! I don’t know why I haven’t put some sort of art on the side of my own cabinet! It’s been there since we got here about 6 years ago! When we redo the kitchen (very soon), I will have to consider putting something on that cabinet! Maybe a cork board? Whatever…we’ll figure out something! Take care…

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