lace curtain feline makeover…

Remember the beautiful lace curtain I made during the first lockdown?

This is what it looks like now…

Yep. In tatters.

All that work… took me days to make it. A cat destroyed it in a couple of hours.

Did I mention kitten-gate? When a cat got locked in my house accidentally?

Well, it could have been way worse. It could have been locked in for days and I could have come home to a dead cat. Ugh. I think I should consider myself lucky the only casualty was the curtain. I have more doilies and lace. I can make another.

Lainee is quite relaxed about it. In fact she and her teddy bear are both taking it all in stride.


4 thoughts on “lace curtain feline makeover…

  1. Poor you! All that work! How did the cat get locked in the house? WOW! It must have been scratching at the window to get out. Poor thing. It must have been so scared. I’m glad it’s out now! In our house with our 4 cats, we either don’t have curtains or the blinds are only half way down because of that same thing. The cats like to see the outside…maybe the birds.

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