my new spice cabinet

Thought I’d share a little project I finished recently. Of course there are no ‘before’ photos. I didn’t even think of taking one till I had already given the little cabinet 2 coats of paint!

Dad had bought this little spice cabinet way back in the late 70s. It was all dark wood and contained 12 glass bottles and labels so you could organise your spices nicely.

I was once the kind of person who would do that – put all my spices into clear glass uniform jars and label them lovingly… Now I’m more of a ‘just buy the stuff and stick it in the cabinet’ kind of person.

It has sat, unused, for years in mom’s kitchen – most bottles empty and some with very sad, old spices still in them. While I was sorting out stuff in mom’s house in Athens I mostly ignored it, then at the last minute I tossed it into my car to bring to Paros. I’m rather glad I did. I had some leftover chalk paint which I tinted into a darker version of my favourite green – and voila! New spice cabinet for me.

Sure, it might take up a bit of bench space, but it frees up space in one of the upper cupboards and makes it easier to find the spices I want.

Luckily, most of the spice jars I own fit inside and the taller ones fit on top. For now it also holds vanilla essence and a few non spice items. Eh. Its my spice cabinet and I can put anything in it I want!


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