changed view

The other day I woke up to find the council workers outside my place chopping away at the eucalyptus trees on the road.

I am a bit upset about it, I might admit. They really lopped them. I mean, I know eucalyptus trees have a tendency to drop branches and even fall over in strong winds, but this seems a bit drastic…

It feels a little naked around here without the trees. They were a barrier between our building and the busy road below. Now we’re more exposed to the noise and wind than we were before.

On the other hand, the view is better…

I no longer have to dodge leafy branches in order to see the sea (hahaha), which is probably a good thing… but I miss the trees. Its gonna be a lot hotter this summer without them blocking the late afternoon sun.


2 thoughts on “changed view

  1. That’s too bad about the trees. Hopefully, they will just feel a bit pruned but then grow their leaves back over time. Then, you will be shielded from the hot sun and have to look strategically for the sea! I imagine the trees smell good, too. Around where I live, people hack the top off the crepe myrtles. The next thing that happens is that the trees send out more branches and get more dense at the top. These are not tall trees. They are about 10-15 feet tall, I would guess. They have beautiful flowers, but they have no odor. Our daffodils are blooming like crazy right now, and I saw some trees with blossoms. I don’t know what kinds of trees they are, but they were beautiful. I guess it might be spring here…but near the end of February is a little too soon, I think. The past two days have given us temperatures in the 70s F., and that’s been great.


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