wire work

Its been a while since I posted, and this post was something I started before I pulled my disappearing act. So, without further ado, here are some cute little cups I made to hang in my kitchen to add a bit of whimsy.

They’ve been sitting on the window ledge since I made them but when I finally get them hung up I’ll share some pics.
Meanwhile I apologise for the silence. Things have been… odd. I’ve been really tired lately. To the point of coming home and just plonking in front of the TV and fighting sleep till I can justify going to bed.
Maybe its just winter and the darkness. I dunno. 
Thing is I haven’t felt like posting, or doing much of anything else. My mom would freak if she saw our house right now.
…Actually she might not freak out. She may feel vindicated. She never thought I was a good housekeeper.
I’m of the ‘no one ever regretted not doing more housework on their deathbed’ school.
I try to keep things organised and I hate filth, but messy I can live with. Obviously.
Still, I hate the mess (it messes with my mind, ha ha) even while I avoid doing anything about it. When I have time and feel a stirring of energy I prefer to use it to make something or work in the workshop. Cleaning is so boring.
Anyway, I thought it was time to touch base to say I’m still breathing and that one day soon I’ll have some photos and stuff to share. However, it will get harder for a while cause I’ll be working 5 days a week at my ‘regular’ job, fitting in everything else in the two remaining days… Hurry up longer days!

more fun with wire – the little wire bed

I am having so much fun lately!

I’ve been Pinteresting like crazy, looking up all kinds of wire creations. This one here has been one of my favourites for a long time:

Really beautiful wire art on that blog.
Anyway, I decided it was time to make my own wire bed… I used some of Wayne’s copper wire. One meter of it to be exact. When he asked how much I wanted that’s what I requested and I was spot on.
Go figure. I measure and cut wood the wrong size. I can’t give you a quote on how much time it’ll take me to do a job, but I could tell Wayne exactly how much wire I needed to make something I’d never made before!
The thinner wire is also copper, but in a thinner gauge and brown. The little mattress is a thin bit of foam with a hand stitched cover. The cushion is hand stitched and filled with felting wool.

The blanket is a bit of felt I wet felted with a cotton cover to give it a quilted feel, and trimmed with a little antique lace.

This little bed was sold as soon as I showed it at the local shop I sell some of my things through. Its the perfect size for a doll’s house. Maybe its cause I’ve always loved doll’s houses and dreamed that one day I’d build my very own dream doll’s house from the ground up, but I love making this sort of thing.
I have another bed I’ll share soon as I make bedding for it.

wire work by him

I can’t ever say Wayne doesn’t give me romantic gifts. He’s always making me hearts and flowers out of barbed wire. This is one of his creations, its about 8in tall and made of barbed wire, old roofing iron and a chunk of old wood.

The other day he got some new copper wire and made this cute little cowboy boot. I’d been sending him all kinds of links of cowboy boots made out of wire but Wayne always does things his way. Its a boot with a spur and a lasso.

(Ok, I made the rowel – that’s the spikey bit on the spur – cause I wanted it to look cuter.)

Then there’s this trapped man. Its a tortured sculpture, isn’t it?

I love his wire work. He’s so imaginative, which is why I wanted to show off some of his stuff.


fun with wire – a wire crown

I’ve always had a thing for wire. I love wire baskets, wire sculpture, wire anything. I love working with wire, only of course I can only work with soft wires. Lately I’ve been doing a bit more wire work cause its something I can do easily while sitting around watching TV in the evenings.
ie. I haven’t been doing any big projects but I’ve been making some smaller things.
Like this little wire crown made using gold copper wire in two thicknesses, brown copper wire and buttons.

The thick wire is about 2mm thick, the brown wire is 24 gauge and the thin gold wire holding the buttons is 28 gauge.

I made this little crown as a simple decoration, to sit on a shelf or something, but I guess it can be used as as a tiny crown if you put bobby pins on it!

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hanging baskets – prettying up the boring side

You may remember when I put the crates on the driveway side of the house as window boxes. I love them there. That side of the house was really plain and boring, kind of a wasteland with no plants and just blank walls. The window boxes give it some character and colour.
Although I found that its not a great spot for most plants. In winter the frost almost killed all the plants so I had to move them onto the porch. In summer it gets so hot that I will have to stick to succulents in the boxes. But that’s ok. I have lots of succulents, all I need is some more of the creeping kind which might grow and hang out of the boxes. That’d be pretty.
You can barely see it, but the second box has a little bird in it. Its a wire jumble bird that Wayne made for the Salvaged Art competition. He’s gorgeous. This is the only photo I have of him right now, remind me to get a photo of him in the window box.
 Anyway, back to the side of the house… the long wall behind the mud room is the bathroom and office wall. Other than one window it was blank and boring. I was thinking of going all wild with baskets and signs and all kinds of things but I now wonder if that might look a bit tacky… For now I’ve just done a few simple things… first I bought a punnet of snapdragon seedlings. They’re doing great. Flowering for the first time now. That should create a nice garden alongside the house where there was just bare pebbles before.
Then I hung a few baskets I’d collected from tip shops so they have that old worn look. I added the rusty wire wreath I made from some old wire I found buried in the paddock and the barbed wire flower Wayne made me (never say the man isn’t romantic!). I had to buy hanging hooks for the hanging baskets but I hung one from an old scale thingy I found in a tip shop. Love it.
So far the flowers I’ve put in there seem to like it there. Fingers crossed.
On the corner I hung a very old rusty wind chime from an old rusty bracket (also from a tip shop – I do a lot of shopping at tip shops). In that spot the wind doesn’t get it too often so we’re not tempted to rip it off the wall.
You may have noticed a small tree in the photo… I bought 2 plants from a little old lady down the road and she threw in one more. So I have 3 new pots, all with more than one plant in them! These will all eventually go in a new bed I’m planning (but not actually doing myself!) between the washing line and the water tanks.
I can’t remember the name of all the plants, but one is a hellebore, the tree is some kind of orange blossom, and there is a lupin and about 3 other plants in the pots. It’ll be a surprise when they flower.
I told you I’ve become addicted to my garden. 
Spring has that effect.

wirey wedgetail

Wayne is a whiz when it comes to wire. When he was off from work cause of his ribs he got really bored and made this little guy. He’s a wedge tailed eagle. We have wedgies living not far from us in the hills but they’re not seen often down this far.

I once saw a couple of wedge tailed eagles on the way to Ledgerwood in the north of Tasmania. They were huge! They were eating some roadkill by the road as I drove past and I swear, they looked into the car window as they sat there. When I pulled up to take a photo of them, they flew away. Magnificent birds.

Anyway, this little fellow needed a perch and a nest. So Wayne made him one.

I hot blued the wedgie and nest to a broken bit of wood and added a couple of marbles as eggs.

Kinda cute huh?