giving a hoot

I have been having a bad day since yesterday. Do you want the concise version or the long-winded version? Stuff concise. I don’t do concise.

I’ve had my house in Fentonbury for sale since about the beginning of December last year, as you know. In this economic climate I was prepared that it might take a long time to sell it. I love that house and I didn’t really want to sell it. But things change and we decided to sell so we could have a better quality of life in our new place, less stress, less work. I put so much love and care into that house for 8 years that it pained me to have it rented and see the tenants not looking after it the way I would.

I was thrilled when, after only 2 months on the market, the first couple who saw the house fell in love with it. They gushed. It was their dream home. They made a verbal offer, lower than I’d listed it for, and I accepted it. I liked them. I loved that they loved the house. I could see them being happy there.

I trust too much, make friends easily, and I’m very honest. I told them everything about the house, good and bad. I thought they loved the house, liked me and Wayne, and appreciated my honesty. I thought I’d found buyers and had made two new friends into the bargain. That’s what they said anyway. I was really, really happy.

We had to wait 2 weeks for them to become ‘unencumbered’ for contracts to be drawn up. Meanwhile we were in touch via emails – they were so excited. Couldn’t wait to move in. They became free and the soonest I could see the solicitor to draw up contracts was Monday. I went in, drew them up, on the phone with my ‘buyers’ talking terms and clauses. They were supposed to come in that afternoon to sign the contract. I was bending over backwards with the clauses in the contract. I liked them. I wanted to help them buy the house of their dreams.

They decided to postpone coming in to sign till today. There’d been fires in the area and they had wanted to go up and have one more look at the house (totally normal) and bring a builder friend to look it over (also totally normal).

We were exchanging emails like crazy, setting up the inspection. The morning of the day before the contract I got an email at 8.30am confirming the inspection. At 9.45am that same morning I got a call saying they were pulling the plug.

Like: What the F@@@!

What happened in an hour?

I thought the bushfires might have scared them. In the eight years I lived there fire had never come so close to Fentonbury. A fire is a fire, and scary, but it sounded worse than it was. I drove up to look. There were burned hills, sure, but trees were still green, all that had burned for the most part was undergrowth in a wide front… And the worst fire in Tasmanian recent history burnt out Hobart, not the Central Highlands.

Again, they’d had 3 weeks in which to change their mind. They’d had 4 days since the fires to re-think the house. They could have voiced doubts. They could have slowed the process down. I didn’t need to draw up contracts (and pay for them!) till they’d seen the house again, gotten more sure about it, in fact, being their dream home. They were sure and they had sold their house and needed to be out by May 18, so they want to buy my house asap.

Maybe the sale of their house fell through? I dont know, but I bet that if that was the case it would have been the first thing they’d tell us. Maybe they found somewhere better? Fine. I’d understand that totally.

What I dont understand is a couple who were so thrilled, so certain this was their forever home, that we made such effort to help make their dream come true, suddenly bailing on me like that.

I feel betrayed.

Upset. Depressed.

My fault. I take things too much to heart. I can’t just do business. I have to go feel like I’ve made new friends. I should be more cold and matter of fact – sell a puppy and not make the new owners part of my circle of friends. Sell a house and not give a hoot about the people who buy it.

You live and learn I guess.

Back to the drawing board. The house is still for sale. Its still rented. Nothing changes in our lives, we continue as we were, working the same hours and doing the same stuff. Only a little wiser and maybe a little less trusting.


PS. I have a great house for sale. Please spread the word!

1 thought on “giving a hoot

  1. It IS a great house and the right buyer is going to come along very, very soon! This is what my spidey senses are telling me!

    And I am with you on the hurt and anger. Right there with you, sistah!


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