curly wirly wire

When I was out feeding the horses the other day I came across what I thought was some rusty wire. 
Being the ‘never let a rusty thing get away’ kind of person I am, I picked it up and took it into the house where I promptly tried to make something with it – and discovered it was copper!
So I gave it to Wayne. He loves copper wire.
Left to his own devices, with a bit of wire, some pliers and a warped mind, he make this crazy curly bendy thing out of it. Lovely, but it was just a crazy curly bendy bit of wire.
I took one look at it and handed him a little bottle from the collection of old bottles I dug out of my back yard in Fentonbury when I first moved in there. This one looks like it might have held ink in it originally, but then again, who knows. It could have been a tiny bottle of gin for all I know.
I asked Wayne to attach his crazy curly bendy wire to the bottle to make it into a sort of vase with a crazy curly bendy wire attachment. 
I added a few crystals for a bit of bling, and voila!
Another gorgeous object with no apparent use but very pretty to look at.
I was thinking you could put a tiny bunch of flowers in the bottle. Or a single larger flower.
Seeing as its winter here and the frosts have all but killed all my plants, I didn’t have any flowers to put into it for the photos.
So what I did was hang it from the hook on the porch and take photos of it against the sky.
I think its gorgeous! I love the randomness of it, the pink tone of the wire and the pinkish crystals.
Wayne has so much free expression in his work. I’m so much more controlled and restrained in everything I do. I wish I had his freedom.
Though not when it expresses itself in his cooking. The slow cooked stew he made where he added red wine and yogurt will go down in history as the ugliest meal in the history of culinary failures. It was bright purple.
A lesson was learned: Free is good in some places. Not others.
 I’ve had to work hard freeing up my painting. For years I’ve tried to loosen up when I paint. 
My work is very descriptive and realistic. I long for the freedom of the impressionists who described things in such a way that left so much more to the imagination. They painted light as it bounced off their subjects instead of the subjects themselves.
I think my fascination with white on white in my own paintings is partly due to my wanting to free myself up and paint light. 
Of course, part of it is that I paint white poodles cause I own white poodles….
But I love white on white. If I didn’t share my home with 4 dogs and Wayne, I’d be redecorating in shades of white. As it is, the salmon carpet is already taking a battering!
When I applied to art school the main focus of my portfolio was etchings of eggs. Simple white shapes. It was all about the play of light and shadow. And painting white poodles, especially those in show coats, is all about that too.

Once again I’ve strayed off topic. I’m working on being freer with the things I do. And working with Wayne on projects like this bottle/vase/crazy curly wire thing is so much fun!


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