very pinteresting

This weekend, and last, I had a go at trying out some of the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest.

I mean, they SOUND good, right? Some of them probably work too!

Like this one: using undiluted white vinegar to kill weeds. Sounds great right? No chemicals. No locking up dogs and only killing weeds where horses won’t eat them, ensuring that fence lines become small jungles.

So I thought I’d have a go. I have white vinegar. Tons of it. Some of it is even in the kitchen! DJ uses it when he makes poached eggs.


I didn’t know that either. Apparently a dash of vinegar in the water makes the best poached eggs, and DJ does make the best poachies.

Other than as an egg poaching aid, I use vinegar in the grooming room, diluted in the rinse when I wash dogs, and when I hose down the countless ‘ooops’ and the ‘I meant to pee there’ incidents when dogs visit.

I went to the casita, grabbed my industrial sized bottle of vinegar, poured it into a gardening spray bottle and headed out to fight the battle of the weeds.

Well… all I can say is this: either my weeds are much stronger that the ones on the link above, or I did it wrong.

My weeds poked their tongues out at me. They didn’t die. They just got angry!

Some looked a bit sickly, but they were sickly and angry.

Next time I think I’ll add some dishwashing liquid to the mix… after all, its what you do to make weed killer work better – make it stick to the plants… I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve used white vinegar to clean the house as well. Like this pin:

I mean, what a great idea! Vinegar to clean without the pickle jar smell.

I got orange peels, steeped them in the vinegar, then put it in a spray bottle to use as a cleaner.

Again. Either my grime is tougher than other grime, or I’m not doing it right.

It cleans… more or less. If I scrub hard enough.

And it sure does smell nice.

When we went shopping last night I grabbed one of these thingies below cause I saw a pin which recommended using one in the shower. Fill it with … you guessed it! white vinegar and dishwashing liquid, then use it to scrub the shower while you’re in there.

As a bonus, it’ll kill any weeds growing in there too.

I’ve already always cleaned the shower while I was in there.

Unfortunately, it meant standing in chemicals while I did it. This way I don’t have to worry about my bits touching the walls as I clean. Its just dishwashing liquid and vinegar.

Last, for today, I tried this out. Sort of. I read this article, then went and looked at the rangehood filter.

Not a good idea. I don’t advise you do it. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right?

All good and well I thought, IF you have a pot large enough to fit in half the filter.

I didn’t.

So I took a friend’s advice.

I bought some cloudy ammonia from the supermarket. Found a container big enough to hold the filter and liquid (the plastic tray at the bottom of a dog crate – see? they come in handy!), filled it with HOT water, added the ammonia and put in the filter.

Then ran out of the shed cause the fumes were disgusting.

Next morning the fumes had dissipated enough for me to brave the shed.

It was awful.

There was thick fat/scum everywhere.


I had to pick most of the solids out cause we all know putting that stuff down your pipes is courting disaster. Then I rinsed off the filter in hot water.

And rinsed.

And rinsed.

Then blotted with an old towel. And put it back. And its clean and shiny!

For about 2 days.

A woman’s work is never done!


1 thought on “very pinteresting

  1. The vinegar thing doesn't really work for weeds. It'll kill off the weaklings…. for a while. And then they come back. 😦 You might try a little salt in that vinegar water, works better for cracks in cement, etc. But in a lawn, that would be disaster. Not 'cause of the vinegar, either, naturally.

    That dish scrubber works pretty well for just about anything, but you have to replace the scrubby top every now and then or it'll start smelling evil. Purely EVIL. Trust me! **LOL**


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