day 11 – coming clean

I don’t mean washing dishes.
I haven’t done that yet. I swear, dirty dishes just multiply when you’re not looking. One of these days someone will find me buried under an avalanche of dirty saucepans in my own kitchen, surrounded by hungry poodles.
I’m coming clean on the whole To Do list thing.
I don’t have a To Do list as such. 
I have a To Do Notebook.
Yep. A run of the mill To Do list wouldn’t do for me and my megalist. Nope. I have a notebook which has many To Do lists in it. There are lists for every single part of my life.
There are the general lists by room. Kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, living room, guest room, bedroom, toilet. You get the picture. Each of those pages have lists of things to do, things to make, things to organise for that room. They also have notes and sketches on them. 
For instance, the Kitchen To Do list includes variations on the theme of ‘kitchen redo’. Here is the 214th version of the kitchen design.
And here is a design for a bench with shoe storage for the mudroom which will never be made.
So you see, this little vegemite gets serious about my To Do lists.
For those non-Australians reading this, Vegemite is that black stuff we Australian’s are so fond of spreading on our toast.
What I did today:
Worked. Groomed a dog the size of a minute. Planted those poor agapanthus I’d left out in the driveway for about a week. I figured they were ‘done’ by now. That’s one thing crossed off the garden page in my trusty notebook. Added a new list to the book, this one entitled “Upcoming Shabby Market Stall”.

What I didn’t do:
The dishes. Or anything else on the list.

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