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Its way too hot to be doing much today. They’re predicting 35 degrees in Hobart and that means at least a couple of degrees hotter in the Derwent Valley.
Life on the farm has been going well, if you don’t dwell on the fact that we’re seriously close to running out of water and desperately need rain.
And we don’t grow crops. We only have 3 horses feeding on about 11 acres of pasture. And we have bore water so we can water at least parts of the pasture every day and keep the horses in fresh water.
Progress on the house painting is slow. I’ve been lucky enough to have the help of a friend from the mainland. I met Basia when she was a real estate agent, she sold my house in Melbourne for me before I moved to Tasmania in 2003. We stayed in touch and she visits almost every year. Till now she’d only ever visited Tasmania to hike and cycle, stopping in with me for a day or two at the end of her trip.
This year Basia came over to pick cherries and look for other work so she’s been staying in my house in Fentonbury. She’s the best guest ever – she’s always doing stuff! On her various visits she’s done tons of gardening, this time she’s helped paint the house on two long days, fixed curtain tracks and hemmed curtains for my house in Fentonbury.
On Saturday she came over and we painted the north and east sides of the house – all that’s left to do now is paint the top bits (including the underneath of the roof) on 3 sides, topcoat the window frames and paint rails on 2 sides.

Ok, that’s not a small job, but its manageable. The majority of the work has been finished. I’ll do the rest over a few weekends, providing the weather doesn’t suck isn’t too hot.
Meanwhile I’m on a roll of some kind… I’m itching to do things. This happens to me every now and then. This time I’ve concentrated the feeling on doing something in the kitchen.
I have an ugly kitchen. At least its ugly in my opinion. The people who put it in loved it. 
I dream of a country kitchen… all white on white, with some minty green or aqua, antiques and rustic items on display…
Over the last year I’ve been trying to make it more Zefi-friendly in small ways that don’t include knocking down a wall, putting a bigger window in a more appropriate spot (which will mean moving the hot water cyclinder), putting in a new sink, moving the stove, putting in more drawers and getting rid of those horrible corner cupboards who’s doors keep falling off their hinges, getting a new, not blue laminate, benchtop…  

One of the things in this kitchen is the huge pantry cupboard. Its handy. Sure. But its a big flat blob of white laminate. I’ve been thinking of making it into a big flat blob of chalkboard….

Here’s my vision thanks to the miracle of Photoshop:
Nice huh?
Ok… nice for Zefi!
This morning, among other things, I removed the handles and filled one of the holes. I have some cute little knobs I want to use.
Stay tuned…

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