good luck bells

In my quest for the perfect home I’ve been doing all kinds of things. Purging stuff I no longer want or need. Giving things away, selling some, re-purposing others.
I want a home thats comfortable, welcoming, a place where I feel I can relax and be myself and where my soul will feel peaceful.
Most of the time I achieve clutter.
Partly that’s due to the fact that I art & craft everywhere, not just in my office.
I have an easel with an unfinished painting on it in the living room, along with the trolley I used to hold my materials. I have a side table and an ottoman acting as a work area and have commandeered one of the armchairs for night time crafting (mainly wiring and beading).
My brain never stops. 
I don’t want it to stop, but I’d like to come into a room and not have the heaps of stuff lying around needing attention: unwashed dishes, unfolded laundry, etc.
I guess there are two solutions to this problem… 1. find myself a wife. Or 2. (probably more achievable) actually make time to do the housework.
But its so boring!
I saw this and thought how perfectly it described my life.
But I digress.
In the quest for the perfect home I started looking at feng shui as a means to an end – the end being a home with a peaceful, fortune-ful and happy atmosphere.
Somewhere in my readings I came across the lucky bells for the front door. Apparently metal bells are best and they need a red ribbon or thread.
Well, I have bells. I have red ribbon.
So last night (when I should have been downshifting my brain in readiness for bed) I started this little project.
Being me, I couldn’t just hang bells on the front door with red ribbon.
I wanted something that said ‘zefi’… something old, something repurposed. Something interesting. And pretty.
I found this old tea strainer spoon thingy amongst my collection of wind chimes paraphernalia.
I created a double bow using two different widths and shades of red ribbon (in case the luck gods were particular about the red), threaded the bells on very fine wire – three lots of three bells (small for the bow and larger for the dangly bits), and for a bit of bling, added a few pearl beads to the strainer.
Now every time our door opens it chimes to bring in good news and luck!
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