dragonfly windchime & other shiny things

I haven’t been doing much these last few weeks, but I ‘ve been messing up the living room with my wiring and beading so I could knock up a few more wind chimes for the local shop I sell through.
I do enjoy making these things as I watch TV, sorting through my boxes and collections of odds and ends till I find something which inspires me, then putting bits together to form something pretty.
As you know, I love rusty things, old things, crystal beads and shiny wire. A few weeks ago I bought my first couple of spools of coloured wire and I’m loving them!
This little dragonfly is made of a mix of silver wire, gold wire and silver beads. It sits on what I believe is the cover from an old car light I found in a tip shop. It makes the best sound when the wind jingles the tea spoons.
This heart is made from an old coat hanger bound with red and white lace and embellished with an odd collection of keys, crystal beads and a tiny sugar spoon.
A silver napkin holder makes this very loud windchime for those who like more of a chime. It consists of a collection of spoons, forks, orange glass beads, a large clear crystal and a tiny star cookie cutter.
More chimes to share soon, though I should really be concentrating on finishing the house painting. But that’s ok… I can wire and bead while I catch up on episodes of Dexter, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, CSI, Bones and Downton Abbey.
I have ecclectic taste in TV series.

3 thoughts on “dragonfly windchime & other shiny things

  1. Dear Zefi; How I love your delightful windchimes! They inspire me to create some-I will call them ZEFICHIMES, to acknowledge your inspiration. I am an addicted beader, and make “jelly-fish” with beads and tentacles, some of which are 150cm in length. The lengths are mostly seed beads with a few larger beads. Since I am very close to the sea, a few meters, sea-glass, pebbles and driftwood, etc. are incorporated. I somehow I think that you would like them. No camera so no photos.


  2. I'm flattered! 🙂 I've only ever used seed beads on one project but they worked beautifully. I still have some left, but they're so small and fiddly! LOL

    You should get a camera girl! I'd love to see your jelly fish. 🙂


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