the masked avenger rides again

Its been raining on and off for about a week now. More on that off. However the sun is still sending out those UV rays, so Cass and her pink nose needs all the protection she can get.

The idea of running around behind her in the paddock with a tube of sunscreen twice a day like a Greek mother chasing a kid in the park to get it to eat its lunch… well, I wasn’t interested.

I just bought her some sun protection gear. Here she is modelling her new fly veil with nose flap and her light summer rug.

The really does look like the masked avenger!

The rug isn’t so white any more either…

Today was the first sunny day in ages and they say it’ll be warm and sunny all weekend. Great. The lawn is growing an inch a day at the moment. I need to get out there and attack it with the mower and brushcutter.

My back is much better. My new exercises call for a long rubber cord and somewhere to tie it. Who knew the pole in the middle of the living room would actually come in handy for anything other than pole dancing?

I just need to blow up the exercise ball (yes, I found it in the casita). Unlike a lot of other things I can’t find. Like my glasses. I’ve been looking for them for about a week now. I took them out of the car (my first mistake) and haven’t been able to find them since.

Then again, I did find Wayne’s passport. He’d been looking for that for 3 years. He thought I’d hidden it so I wouldn’t take him to Greece with me. (I hadn’t, but it was handy.)

I’ve been busy lately with organising stuff for 2 markets I’m doing. The Shabby Market next weekend and Lazy May’s Market the week after. There’s tons to do and I’m all over the place. I really do need to make things every week, regularly. That way I can avoid this madness.

When I’m away from home I can think of exactly what I have to do. I write lists of things I need to do, sketch ideas, make notes. Then I come home and even when I look at the lists I can’t seem to get stuck into it.

I blame spring. The lawn. The plants. The seedlings I planted and look at every day to see how they’re going. Somehow the good weather and the garden weasel their way to the forefront and sitting in front of a sewing machine or using power tools and paint brushes just can’t compete.

It won’t last. Soon as the weather gets hot I avoid the outdoors like the plague. That’s when I’ll get stuck into more art as well.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Just for fun, here’s a gorgeous photo of the sky one morning last week.


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