fry basket pendant light

Its about time I shared the other pendant light I told you about. I really did mean to post this sooner but you know what plans are like.

So… this is the newly enclosed end of the porch with its  plain little light and unfinished walls. Pretty boring.

This is what it looks like now. Still unfinished but so much more interesting.

First I got the biggest of the fry baskets I had waiting to be made into something. Its a great size for a nice big pendant light. Using my trusty grinder I cut off the handle. I then cut out a section on the bottom to fit the light through. These light extension things are ready to use ones I bought from a hardware store years ago and had in the shed. This one is longer than the one I used on the entry light.

Next I moved the position of the light fitting. I was really limited in that cause I could only move it as far as the wire would allow me. Then I could only hang the light fitting as far towards the centre of the space as the cord on the light extension would allow me.

I then had to find a way to actually hang the light in that spot. I was going to use a hook but I couldn’t find one that suited the job. Do you remember the clamp things I found at the garage sale a few weeks ago? I used one of them to hold the light cord in place.

I love the way that looks. The rust in the basket gives the light an almost golden glow and I love the patterns it throws on the walls when the light is on.

Now, if I get around to buying cloth cord and the bits to make my own pendant light extension cords, I can make the cord longer and hang the light in the middle of the space. I will be doing that sooner or later so I can make the lights for the kitchen.

For now it’ll do.


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