if its not one thing… kitchen update

Things have been progressing… more or less… slowly… in our kitchen reno. 
‘Cause you know everything that needs to be done can’t be done until something else is done first. And that can’t be done till something else is finished, and on it goes indefinitely.
During this last week Handyman came over and put up the last 2 boards to finish the first pine lined wall so I could paint it. 
The electrician came over and wired in the stove and put in a power points for the dishwasher and the range hood.
Together they worked out how the range hood would fit, where it would be attached to the wall, etc. 
Then I painted the wall. I finally settled on a colour. I decided to go with Dulux China White which is a dark creamy colour. Too dark and creamy I thought after putting a large swatch of it on the wall. But I needed a creamy white so in the end I bought a 4 litre tin of China White at 3/4 strength. It looks great, just a bit less yellowish but still a rich warm white.
So right now we have a finished floor, one finished wall, architraves sanded and prepped to paint, the stove wired and plumbed in for gas, powerpoints awaiting the dishwasher and rangehood.
The backsplash (a sheet of glass) can’t go in behind the stove till the rangehood is in place.
The rangehood can’t go up till we get the ducting for it sorted out. Of course the place that sells the rangehoods doesn’t sell ducting. I found a place that does sell it but I can’t buy it myself. I have to send Handyman to buy it cause what he told me I need to get and what the guys who sell the stuff told me I need to get differs. Wildly.
I don’t want the stove working till the glass splashback is up. I don’t want food splatters on my new paintwork. We can’t put in the rangehood till ducting is sorted, as I said above. But even if I was happy to cook without the rangehood and splashback, I don’t want to cook till I have a way to effectively (and easily) wash up. I refuse to try washing a frying pan in the bathroom sink.
We can’t connect the dishwasher till the sink is in cause they need to be connected to the same water outlet. Or so I was told.
We can’t put the sink in till the benchtop is put in.
Handyman is working on that. Its coming along but I don’t have a delivery date on it yet… ugh.
The kicker? The electrician gave me the RFW (request for work) number for our job – the moving of the meter box – so I can call Aurora and hassle them to hurry them up. It was dated March 5, 2014.
Surely that can’t be right!!! I was sure he told me he put the paperwork in weeks ago!
I know I’ve been texting him about once every two weeks and asking him on any progress every time I see him and he’s always replied with ‘no news yet’…. as if he’d put the paperwork in!

All I managed was ‘That can’t be right! This paperwork was put in way before that.” to which he muttered something about being busy.
What I wanted to do was scream at him.
But wait. 
It gets worse!
We got a text from Aurora saying they’d be doing our job in 7-10 days. Great news.
Till you learn that the electrician is away on a holiday and that once Aurora does their stuff we’ll be without power till the electrician does his stuff.
I have no idea if he’s away for one week or two. He didn’t mention it. We heard it from Handyman. I sent a text letting him know we’d heard from Aurora and asking if he’d be back by then. 
No reply yet.
We need him here at the same time as Aurora or as soon as possible after. He’ll have to climb into our ceiling and pull all the wire cables from the old box to the new one.
If he’s away we’ll be without power.
I’m not impressed with him right now, even if he does like Dwight Yoakam.

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