stubborn? never!

Wayne likes to read.

Wayne likes to read all the time.

Wayne has tons of books.

We don’t have enough bookcases for all the books Wayne has.

I like to read.

I have some books.

I also have a Kindle which has tons of books on it.

I prefer to read on the Kindle as its light, easy to hold, easy to read and I will never run out of books while I have access to the internet.

I bought Wayne a Kindle for his birthday in January… He had told me repeatedly that he did not want a Kindle, that he would never use a Kindle and that I better not ever buy him a Kindle.

Did I listen?



Cause I used to feel that way about Kindles. I liked the feel of a book, I liked the smell of ink on new pages, I liked turning pages. Then I bought a Kindle cause taking 15 books to Greece with me on holidays just didn’t appeal to me.

I love my Kindle.

When Wayne ran out of books to read before Christmas he was grumpy. He was reduced to reading cereal boxes. He even read some of my books and that’s saying something. He wanted to read Game of Thrones (I have the box set) but found the type too small to read comfortably.

So I bought him a Kindle Paperwhite (like mine, cause I love mine!) to surprise him. I got him a case for it, I even put Game of Thrones on it.

(Ulterior motive: The books are so long I figured he’d be hooked on both the Kindle and the series by the time he finished book one!)

He flat out refused to try it reminding me how often he’d warned me not to buy him one. It sat on his bedside table gathering dust for weeks. He kept finding books to read: the dregs he’d overlooked on his first pass over the bookcases, what he could scavenge from friends, whatever, as long as he didn’t have to give up his principles and try the Kindle.

Then the day came… He was desperate. He asked me to show him how to read the Kindle.

He’s been using it non-stop ever since. He takes it everywhere with him.

He hasn’t said a thing to me, but I heard through the grapevine that he loves it.


What can I say?


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