paralysis lifted. mostly.

I went out yesterday and found a gym. The plan was to check out as many around here as I could till I found one which was right for me. On my way to gym #3 on my list I saw a small gym behind a shopping center and stopped in.

Its tiny. Run by a couple, 2 workout rooms – if you want a treadmill you run around the block. If you want a stair master you go up and down the stairwell. If you want to do a spin class you have to book in as they only have 5 bikes. I liked it. It was personal, more like what I loved about Freedom Fitness in New Norfolk. Freedom is way bigger but so friendly and felt like I knew everyone that went.

I did my personal training/intro yesterday and then did a circuit strength class. Today I’ll do a boxing class and a 30min spin class. I need to work hard. I need to sweat. I need it right now.

I felt SO much better after my workout yesterday. I finally felt like I had energy again. You know, the best kind of tired. Not to mention how exercise helps with the positive frame of mind I need to tackle all the stuff on my Must Do List.

You have no idea how relieved I am that I’m finally feeling like myself again. I hated the tiredness and feelings of hopelessness which were dogging me for the last two weeks.

And hey! I got a new, bigger, more user friendly bluetooth keyboard for my tablet which actually has an apostrophe where it should be! Makes all the difference. We all know the importance of punctuation. I saw this on FB and just have to share it:

Back to work. Can’t spend all day on here…


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