so, what’s going on?

Well… lots.

In fact too much lots.

Let’s see. I’ve been in Melbourne for 1.5 weeks now. I began listing stuff on ebay. Sheesh it takes a long time to photograph and list things! I found a gym and went every day as soon as I recovered from my sleep disorder… the one where I couldn’t get enough sleep. I did some shopping for cowboy boots. We went out to dinner a couple of times… vietnames and thai. Yum.

I then had a relapse and slept a whole lot again.

Yesterday I drove to a country town to see my oldest friend in the poodle world, spend some time and say goodbye. She’s been like family to me for so long… I’ll miss her and her gorgeous toy poodles who I’ve groomed for years.

On the way back from there today I went past my first house and took a photo. It looks so unloved… its sad.

Anyway, it was part of my life in Melbourne. I’m glad I drove by.

I took my poodles to a friend’s grooming salon to give them a good clean and clip. I’ve found homes for them finally. Thankfully. I had so many people enquire about them, wanting them, but they dropped out like flies. It was confusing and upsetting. I thought I had homes lined up but they disappeared into thin air.

Luckily a couple of ladies from poodle rescue in other states helped me and now I have it sorted in a way that I feel good about. I’m confident my dogs will be loved and looked after for the rest of their lives. I can leave Australia with a clear mind. (So far I’m avoiding even thinking about saying goodbye to them… it will be the hardest thing about this whole move.)

The downside is that the homes are both in Queensland. That’s like a two day drive from here. I’ve been planning my trip using google maps and think I have it sorted. I’ll start out on Saturday or Sunday this weekend. I have the number of a dog friendly motel in Dubbo so I will stop there overnight on the way up. The trip up will take me through Tocumwal – the small town where we lived when I was 2-5 years old! And also through Parkes, which is where The Dish is!!! I loved that film… I want a photo with the Dish!

I might even be tempted to drive through Griffith where I grew up… who knows…

On the way back I’ll visit friends in Lismore, maybe visit Byron Bay cause… well, why not! And then to Canberra to visit my brother, my neice and my cousins.

Then back to Melbourne to sell my car!

I’ve organised a ticket to Greece. Not easy despite the fact that this is supposed to be a quieter time of year to head that way…

But that brought up a whole lot of other things I didn’t realise I had to do, or would be a problem. Turns out I won’t be allowed to leave Australia on my Australian passport with a one way ticket. I’ll need to prove that I can stay in Greece without a visa. So I have to go to the Greek consulate and get a copy of my birth certificate, get it translated and notarised, and have it with me to prove I’m a greek citizen… and thus allowed to stay in Greece. All this cause I let my Greek passport expire years ago…

I mean, who knew I’d actually chose to move back to Greece?

I also have to renew my Australian passport cause it will expire next year and to be honest I’m not sure I have a full 6 months left on it, which is necessary in order for me to travel on it.


The things that pop up when one decides to move to another country!

So, still a ton to do, but I’ll get through it. I have to.


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