so… where are we at?

Yes, its been a while since I last posted. I’ve been rather busy.

I know, I know. I said I’d keep you updated on how things were going and I’ve done a poor job of it so far. So how about I try to cover it all in a nutshell?

I arrived in Melbourne safe and sound with two poodles, my car and crapload of stuff.

I started selling stuff on ebay.

I looked for homes for my dogs. I found homes. Lost homes. Found new ones.

I drove my dogs up to Queensland for their new homes.

No, I didn’t find any nearby.

It was a long drive. It took me 2 days to get there with a night in Dubbo on the way up.

It took 3 days to get back. 2 days in Lismore with a friend (cause I got sick). One night in Newcastle.

I only stayed in Canberra for 2 days since I took so long to get there and back.

I had my car booked in to have the rear bumper fixed and a broken tail light replaced.

I’m selling my car.

The poodles are doing well. They settled in with Sue from Qld poodle rescue. They wont be going to their new homes till after Christmas but they are happy and loved with Sue. Sleeping on her bed. Sharing her love with her two poodles.

I’m so grateful to Sue and so much happier knowing she is looking out for them.

I visited my brother, a cousin and my niece and nephew while in Canberra. And met my great nephew… Randal.

Can you see the family resemblance?

I bought my ticket to Greece. December 20 is D-Day. Departure Day.

I fly China Air and get to spend some time in Beijing cause there’s a LOOOOONG stopover. They provide a hotel so all good.

I arrive in Athens December 22 in the morning. Yay.

I found out that I won’t be allowed to leave the country on a one way ticket without a Greek passport (mine expired and I dont have it with me anyway).

I went to the Greek Consulate and got a copy of my birth certificate to get translated.

I already had one. But they said I needed a fresh one. In case something changed I guess…

I’m waiting for the translation. Then I get to go back to the consulate to get it stamped. Oh the joy.

I went in to Vic Roads to change my Tasmanian drivers license to a Victorian one. I had to pay $18 to make an appointment to see someone about it.

I had to pay $18 to make an appointment.

I thought that bore repeating.

No. It was not refunded once I turned up.

I went to the doctor on Monday for a mole check.

Turns out I had to go to the doctor again today cause I needed her to sign a form saying I was healthy enough to drive and can see with my new fake lenses (installed due to eye surgery) and no longer need to wear glasses to drive.

Something I’d have appreciated knowing BEFORE I went to the doctor this week. Like when I paid $18 to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. That would have been handy. Then I wouldn’t have had to pay for TWO doctors appointments…

I hurt my back. Driving too much.

I spent most of my time in Canberra flat out on the couch and groaning like an old woman. Not to mention walking like I’d shit my pants.

I had a massage in Canberra. It helped. The driving from there to Melbourne didn’t.

Turns out standing and walking isn’t a problem. Neither is lying down. Sitting can kill me.

I had another massage in Melbourne. That helped.

I’m having one more next week. Before the trip. Cause what’s an airplane trip but sitting for hours on end?

I am still selling stuff on ebay.

I am still selling my car.

I have a ton of packing and sorting and STUFF to do.

Always stuff to do.

I write lists. I tick things off and add more.

I can’t wait to go to Paros and turn my brain off for a while. Not that I can do that at any time… but its a nice thought.

Did I mention I can’t leave Australia on a one way ticket without a certificate proving I’m a Greek citizen? I could have bought a return ticket for almost the same price, but they don’t do open ended tickets for longer than 12 months. I doubt I’ll be in a position to visit in a year.

I may have found a job on Paros. Fingers crossed.

Its hot in Melbourne. It was hotter in Qld.

I still have a sore back, so I’m going to go have a swim. Why not take advantage of staying with a friend who has a pool?


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