a little more christmas – lockdown 2 day 31

Yesterday I was suddenly overtaken with a desire to be more Christmassy.

I’d had this little chest for a while. It was a plain brown little thing, ugly really, which came with a gift in it 2 years ago. I always thought I’d do something with it. I painted it white and planned to line it with some faux fur as a tiny jewelry box or something.

Anyway, while searching for the fairy lights I found I still had these tiny Christmas trees from last year and decided I’d use them to create a pretty ‘snowy forest in a box’.

I used hot glued the trees into the back of the lid. I cut a toilet roll to create a hill in the foreground and hot glued trees to that. I topped it all off with some ‘just add water’ snow cause the dry snow would just blow off everywhere. This should last till after Christmas… Next year I’ll upcycle it again.

I also made this little wreath. I’d already started this one day at the beach. Those trees that grow by the sea have lots of very fine roots close to the surface that sometimes stick out of the sand. They’re thin and flexible so I’d pulled up a few and wrapped them into a ring using a bit of gold wire to secure them.

On our walk yesterday I found some much finer strands of roots and brought them home, adding them to the ring I’d made, in a much looser fashion to give the wreath more bulk.

I used more gold wire to secure it and a bit of paper string for the bow. I finished it off by dribbling some glue on it and dipping it into some sparkly styrofoam balls I had from last Christmas.

Since I’m not hanging it I’m using a flower frog as its ‘stand’.

This is what my little Christmas corner looks like now.

But I still haven’t found my fairy lights…


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