LAZY struck again – lockdown 2 day 57

It started great. I got up, walked the dog and cat, fed the dog and cat and myself, did some stretches, loaded the tools in the car and went to my uncle’s house to use his garage to do some work.

On the windiest day so far.

Always remembering that my uncle’s garage is full of his stuff, junk, and a very large boat. Not to mention (often) my uncles and the odd Albanian worker. But the previous days the peanut gallery had been gathered around the area my cousin was having paved: sitting, watching, drinking coffee, telling the crew what to do, what they were doing wrong, making suggestions cause they know better, and – get this! – they even accused my cousin of not having any taste! The uncles whose tastes remain firmly stuck in the 70s and run to kitch paintings of dolphins, sail boats and blue painted ceramic pots.

You gotta laugh.

Anyway… I picked the worst day in the season to start a project up there cause not only was it too windy for the uncle’s to sit outside, it was so windy I couldn’t keep the door to the garage open either. Plus the crew wasn’t working on the paved area cause they’d run out of supplies, so a truck arrived to deliver all that. Then a man arrived to service the boat.

So two uncles, one cousin, a mechanic and me (and two dogs) trying to do things in a squeezy garage.

I called it a day early and went to glue a leg on a dresser for my aunt down the road and went home where I promptly did nothing for the rest of the day but nap and practice for the Netflix olympics. (I’ve now finished Fargo and am back onto the newest season of Vikings.)

This is the project I was working on. I found two bedside tables in the rubbish pile a couple of days ago. In bad condition, but they’re solid timber so totally usable.

One was missing legs and was a mess so I pulled that apart thinking I’ll re-use the legs and doors. I love the doors. They’d make a fantastic bathroom cabinet for instance. Or kitchen spice cabinet…

The other one was intact. Well, the box at least. I began thinking of ways to use it. I could have possibly just fixed it up, put the legs and doors back on and made it into a bedside table again, or a side table without the doors, just a shelf, would be nice… Or a cat bed.

I began to think cat bed was the way to go… I sanded the flaky paint off. I love flaky paint but this was too far gone. Its almost in perfect condition except for a tiny bit of chipped off laminated wood on the top at the back which I puttied up.

My idea is to put very short blocky legs on it to keep it off the ground, put a solid front with a cat door in it and put it on my front patio so I have two cat houses out there, at least one of which is pretty (the other being a bought dog kennel type, ie pretty unattractive). The main problem with that however is that I don’t have any undercover areas so it would be exposed to the weather which seems such a shame. Plus it would need lining inside to keep it from getting wet.

Maybe I need to stop thinking of making everything for me and think of selling it to someone with an undercover area and a need for an outside cat bed.

So now its been sanded and its ready to fix. I found two thick marine ply pieces I can use as doors to the front, I can probably re-use the old hinges – very thin piano hinges… There will be some fiddly work involved in putting it all together in a practical way, but it should be a fun project.

I will paint it with enamel paint. I have a mistint light blue aqua enamel I bought a while ago cause you never know when you’ll need that sort of thing. That should do fine.

Add a fluffy home made cushion and it will make some cat very happy!

Now if I can only get over working in an area which isn’t mine and where I have an audience… sigh.


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